We, both as The Musicians of the Pittsburgh Symphony and as individual members of the Pittsburgh community, mourn with our Jewish neighbors.  We decry the hate-filled environment  that has led to too many murders, too much division, and too much intolerance. May we all move forward with a new purpose…one of coming together, one based in love and respect for each other



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“Pittsburgh’s Top Cultural Asset!”

President and CEO of Aspen Music Festival Alan Fletcher speaks about PSO musicians!

Today’s Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra musicians are among the world’s top classical musicians who connect to a long tradition of music making over the institution’s past 120 years.  Our 101 members not only perform as orchestra musicians but teach instrumental music at every level, perform chamber music in Pittsburgh’s concert halls, schools and hospitals, perform as soloists both in Pittsburgh and outside the city, and represent the city in musical activities all over the world.

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