The Bouquet Goes to: Jodi Weisfield

After joining the Pittsburgh Symphony in the early 2000s as Manager of Corporate Support, Jodi Weisfield quickly endeared herself with musicians, staff, and donors with her approachable leadership, attention to detail, and infectious passion for the music. Her talents led to her appointment as Director of Corporate Support, to helping lead a Major Campaign, being appointed VP of Donor Relations, and most recently leading as Senior VP and Chief Development Officer. 

For musicians, many lasting friendships with donors and staff members were fostered by Jodi.  Whether staying late for post-concert receptions, planning chamber music tours in Florida to connect with our snow-bird audience during the winter, or creating magical evenings in European castles while the symphony was on tour, she had a wonderful intuition in putting the right people together to bridge the gap between the orchestra and our patrons. 

A personal note from violinist Chris Wu: 

It is difficult to put into words what Jodi Weisfield has meant to the Pittsburgh Symphony for the past 17 years.  Tenacity, work ethic, relationships, devotion, and gentle spirit come to mind and her body of work leaves an indelible mark.  I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Jodi——-so closely that my family often referred to her as my “work spouse.”  Working with Jodi is invigorating and fun, because she is always thinking about others and finding ways to encourage and motivate those around her.  She is the ultimate team leader and she looks at every situation as an opportunity to learn and grow.  Jodi has an unbelievable memory for names (and even phone numbers).  I was grateful on many functions for her excellent memory, as she prompted me with a name or re-introduction to someone I had met many times.  But for me, Jodi possesses the best leadership quality of all, humility.  She is willing to accept responsibility when things go wrong, but shares the praise when things go well.

Jodi is leaving the PSO for the University of Pittsburgh, her alma mater, as Executive Director of Development for the Katz Graduate School of Business & College of Business Administration.  Jodi’s successful tenure at the PSO enabled the musicians to bring great music all over Pittsburgh and the world.  On behalf of the Musicians of the Pittsburgh Symphony, we salute and thank you!

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