Happy New Year from the Musicians of the PSO!

It’s been awhile since our last newsletter, but hopefully it hasn’t been that long since you’ve seen or heard from us. 2018 was a real whirlwind! While we’re incredibly proud to have won 2 Grammys, we’re equally excited about some of the other things we’ve been doing right here at home in Pittsburgh.

Where to begin? There’s so much to share!

Through our PSO Musicians Care Fund (created in 2012 to support area school and community music programs), over the course of the past year alone we’ve given $13k to 12 different schools, enabling them to purchase new instruments and repair existing ones, and introducing more than 600 area children to live orchestral music by providing transportation to Heinz Hall for Schooltime concerts.

We hosted our second annual Musicians of Steel 5k race in September, and our third annual Day of Music in October; both events are dear to our hearts because they provide fun opportunities to interact with our Pittsburgh neighbors. Maybe you ran with us down on the Three Rivers Heritage Trail by the Allegheny River, or saw one of the 18 performances we put on during the Day of Music in places as diverse as the Steel Plaza T Station, the V.A Hospitals, Allegheny County Courthouse, or the Hillman Cancer Center.  We love seeing you guys in all kinds of settings! 

And while we are classical musicians, trained to perform on the stages of the world, one of the most profound things we’ve learned in the past few years is that music has the power to transform both the listener and the performer, no matter where we are. We’ve learned that access to beauty and art is a basic human need, as nourishing as the food we all depend on… which leads us to one of the most rewarding partnerships we could have ever imagined. 

You may have heard about our close relationship with 412 Food Rescue, which has changed the landscape of food waste in Southwestern PA. We teamed up with them in 2016 for a program called “Body and Soul,” where our Musicians help deliver both food and live music to struggling communities. In 2018, we delivered 80 musical performances and 141,594 pounds of food to 94 different nonprofit organisations in 33 communities! 

So, yeah, we’ve been busy with all kinds of stuff around our hometown. But it’s been enormously rewarding work that helps us feel more connected to the people closest to our hearts: our fellow Pittsburghers. 

Pittsburgh Proud? You better believe we are.

Susanne Park