Drawn to Pittsburgh: Paul Silver

Paul Silver

Position: Viola

Joined PSO in: 1981

Previous positions: Detroit Symphony Orchestra


“I came to the Pittsburgh Symphony in 1981 after being a proud member of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. I had grown up listening to the PSO’s recordings of Beethoven and Brahms symphonies conducted by William Steinberg and I was thrilled to become a member of the orchestra. Pittsburgh was admired as a top-flight ensemble, with a beautiful, dark, rich sound and a legacy of great music-making under world-class conductors. Just as importantly, the PSO was known as an orchestra that enjoyed consistently generous and whole-hearted support from its citizenry. Looking back, I know I made the right decision to come to Pittsburgh, for our orchestra’s world-class quality and reputation has just continued to grow.”

1 thought on “Drawn to Pittsburgh: Paul Silver

  1. Mary Crummie

    I’m so happy that the strike is over and that music will be back in Heinz Hall. I can’t imagine the impact that the strike has had on you and your families but want to thank you for your sacrifices. You have each given our City and my students the gift of your wonderful music. Looking forward to hearing you at the Tiny Tots Concerts this year.

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