Drawn to Pittsburgh: Bob Lauver

Robert Lauver

By Craig Knox

Position: 2nd Horn

Joined PSO in: 2000

Previous positions: St. Louis Symphony, Columbus Symphony, Alabama Symphony, Austin Symphony
“I was previously in the St. Louis Symphony for 8 years, where my wife Marina and I started our family. We were very happy there, and it was a great 52-week orchestra with a fantastic vibe and wonderful people. In 1999 they went through a painful negotiation which lowered the status of the orchestra significantly, knocking 10 weeks off the season in the process. Luckily for me, a position came open in the Pittsburgh Symphony and I prepared to take the audition. Pittsburgh offered my growing family the chance for a serious improvement in our lives and an artistic shot in the arm for me with one of the most exciting orchestra/maestro combinations in the PSO with Mariss Jansons.

I won the audition and we moved here. The orchestra blew me away, and the horn section’s style and camaraderie were a dream come true!  Touring to some of the same places that St. Louis went, it was obvious that audiences were hearing what I was feeling … responses were electric. Being a part of such a great orchestra is fantastic. I look forward to the future … continuing the tradition of the PSO!”

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  1. Greg Compy

    All the best, Bob, and your family! I’m very happy the strike is over, and just wish I was in the area. I live in NY now. I hope the outreach continues.

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