The PSO is World Class, Therefore We Tour: A Musician’s View

By Susanne Park

It can be a fine line between giving our readers a look backstage and whining. We musicians get asked lots of questions, and non-musicians frequently are surprised to learn various facts of life for professional musicians — how much work it takes, how much our instruments cost — but because the answer can seem insane to a non-musician (Any idea how much a bassoon costs? Think Tesla Model S.) it sometimes sounds like a complaint. It’s usually not a complaint, it just is what it is. With that in mind, since we often get asked about touring, and since we’re going to Europe in October, it seems appropriate to write about it.


Mark Your Calendar

by Lorien Benet Hart

Most of you know about our 3-year partnership with 412 Food Rescue. Our year-round Body & Soul runs and summer Hidden Harvest “residency” at Sheridan Orchard in East Liberty are pillars of our community involvement. We are excited to announce the newest arm of our partnership as the Pittsburgh chapter of IfMusic Be The Food, a national chamber music organization with a focus on food insecurity.


Holding up your end in a musical discussion: Why you must hear the Poem of Ecstasy

By Ron Samuels  Late in his life, Russian composer Alexander Scriabin hoped to create a vast, multimedia work fusing music, dance, theater, painting, poetry and perfume.  He intended for the performance to last seven days and nights in the foothills of the Himalayas.  The work, to be called Mysterium, would be a “celebration of collective joy,”…