Mark Your Calendar

by Lorien Benet Hart

Most of you know about our 3-year partnership with 412 Food Rescue. Our year-round Body & Soul runs and summer Hidden Harvest “residency” at Sheridan Orchard in East Liberty are pillars of our community involvement. We are excited to announce the newest arm of our partnership as the Pittsburgh chapter of IfMusic Be The Food, a national chamber music organization with a focus on food insecurity.

PSO School Concerts

As we welcome 7500+ area children to Heinz Hall this week, the spotlight should be on the music educators who do so much for the region. To lead off, let’s meet 2015 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year, Mairi Cooper. Where do you teach? Fox Chapel Area High School (although I have taught in the elementary…

Color, Tonality, and Synaesthesia

By Jack Howell The most basic spectrum when discussing color in music is from dark to bright. A musical tone that is heavy in the fundamental pitch and lower harmonics and lacking in higher harmonics will usually be called “dark,” while a tone that is abundant (or perhaps overabundant) in higher harmonics and less balanced with lower…