Penny Anderson Brill – Healing Others through Musical Performance

by Karissa Shivone

Penny Brill, violist with the Pittsburgh Symphony for 40 wonderful years, is energized and ready to immerse herself into her latest musical calling as she retires next year (March 2021). She has discovered first-hand the power our music has towards healing people in the community. While she has devoted herself for the past two decades to performing for people all around Pittsburgh (and beyond) with a wide spectrum of needs, retirement will allow her time to pass on her knowledge to the next generation. Penny has a great passion to share her discoveries on repertoire, programs, educational material, and so much more.

Scott Bell, Lorien Hart, and Jeremy Black in Lucerne

Retirement Tribute: Scott Bell – A New Chapter in China

by Lorien Benet Hart

My first weeks with the PSO were as an extra violinist on the 2001 South American tour; I knew very few people in the orchestra and relied mostly on people adopting me into their “tour family” for any socializing. Little did I know that a hole-in-the-wall tango performance in Montevideo, Uruguay would come to define my touring for the next two decades.